Konshens – Soldier From Yuh Si Mi Lyrics


Ok alright
A so dem a live
A so dem have dem thing a road
Ahhhhhhhh bwoy
Yuh si we

{Verse 1}

First thing wi no beggie beggie
Wi no licky licky
Wi no love lies
Wi no run back a people
Wi no chatty chatty
Wi no lippy lippy
Wi no frighten fi money an clothe an vehicle
Anything wah yo si mi wid a fi mi
No bwoy never pinch up mi batty an gimmi
Seh dem a bad man an dem a meck man a streatch dem out like bingie


Some bwoy a no soldier pon di battle field
But man a gangster fi real, real, real
Man never yet bow down fi a meal
Caw man a gangster fi real, real, real
Tell dem wi no run down pretty life
And wi no frighten fi pretty wife
From mi was a likkle bwoy till mi turn a man
A so mi tan, a so mi tan, a so mi tan, a so mi tan

{Verse 2}

No take program mi no take press
Mi bad from mi deh pon mommy breast
Wi no jumpy wi no do di fu*kry
Weh some bwoy do fi try impress
Wi live by gangster rule an law
No bad up no box pon jaw
Bwoy cyan hold it when him hungry
Dem bwoy deh a no real gangster
Life get though dem a look a way out
Nuff a dem go chad di easy pear out
Sell out soul sell out body
Meck man have dem food a shear out
But wi know weh hungry day feel like
Wait an work till wi get di green light
Dem a go under fi di amber
And a pose up like thugs an gangster

{Repeat Chorus}