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Rihanna And Chris Brown Mom Hit The Studio Together [Photo]

Mama Breezy has made her choice and she is riding for Rihanna.

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, were spotted going into a Los Angeles studio over the weekend.

While RiRi was hitting up the studio with mama Breezy, Chris Brown was out at a Halloween party allegedly with Karrueche Tran.

VIDEO: Rihanna And Chris Brown Steps Out Finally, Share A Blunt In Public

Rihanna will also be hosting her own Halloween party on Wednesday at the Greystone Manor in Los Angeles.

Chris Brown is rumored to be Rihanna’s date for that party.

Rihanna is working hard to finish her upcoming album Unapologetic which is due in stores on November 19. The album will feature a collaboration from Chris Brown.


  1. dats fyn they should do dat right now coz we r tired 2 hear dea sad stories.

  2. Wasn’t she the one cussing out Rihanna on Twitter.

    • No that was the blogs stiring up trouble by putting there own words into peoples mouth.Rih and Chris’s mother have always been close she always called her “mamma”and Chris’s mother always referred to her as “angel”. I think Rih and his mother was always closer than Chris and Rih.