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Wyclef Jean’s Yele Charity Goes Under, Singer Found Using Funds For Personal Expenses

Wyclef Jean’s Haitian relief charity Yele goes under, leaving behind a mountain of debt and unfinished projects.

The Haitian born hip hop star came under scrutiny in 2010 after reports surfaced alleging that his charity Yele is misusing funds. The Former Fugee singer denied the allegations.

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According to a report by New York Times, Yele’s financial problems devastate the organization and left no mark in his homeland Haiti.

In the in dept report by the Times shows that most of the millions of dollars raised by the organizations goes into workers salaries including Wyclef Jean, consultants fees, legal and travel expenses.

An audit revealed that $3 million were spent on expenses between the years 2005 to 2009, with $256,580 spent on illegitimate benefits paid out to Wyclef Jean and other board members.

Here is where it gets interesting.

According to the audit, $24,000 was spent on chauffeur services for Wyclef, and $30,763 spent on a private jet that transported actress Lindsay Lohan from New Jersey to Chicago for a benefit rally.

Yele’s expenses ballooned to as much as $9 million in 2010, with nearly half of that going into traveling. $1.4 million was spent on office over heads, while another $37,000 was spent on rental fees for a Manhattan studio own by Wyclef Jean.

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Half a million was spent on construction of temporary homes, a plaza in Cité Soleil, and a medical center, none of which can be accounted for.

Wyclef Jean’s spokesperson, Melanie A. Bonvicino, released a statement on Facebook addressing the New York Times article.

“At present, my client Wyclef Jean and his legal team are working ‘assiduously’ to resolve any pending issues with respect to Yéle prior to its closing, as Mr. Jean continues his tireless commitment to his ‘beloved’ country by remaining steadfast in his efforts to encourage the global community to join him in supporting ongoing relief efforts in Haiti,” Bonvicino said.

You can read the in dept article on NYTimes website here.

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  1. Yeah this is why I do not give a dime to these organizations because of corruption.

  2. Lauren hill said he was an a$$ and she was right………..

  3. Scumbag. Payback is a mutha. You used a devastating event to fill your own pockets. I hope that the IRS comes after your sorry a$$.


  5. Keep your head your head up people or haters and got there on opinions people’s or messy dude

  6. This is a sad story, but what’s worse is the writing–this piece was nearly unreadable. “In dept article”? When you messed it up once I thought it was a typo; but twice? For future reference, it’s “in-depth” not “in dept.” I won’t even get started on the lazy paraphrasing that only made the article MORE confusing. Better to just read the original from the NYT. sad, indeed.

  7. I bet all the people that say nobody knows what its like to run a charity and support that wyclef bullsht is Haitian!2nd this fool was leasing a studio with the $30 dollar I donated f*ck wyclef that sh-t was not cool.

  8. And to think this guy wanted to run for President of Haiti. Sean Penn clearly knew what he was talking about saying this guy was unfit for President. Typical 3rd word cronyism. You are a NON-Profit. Act like it!

  9. Lol wat a gwal! Lol its not funny but hes cryin like a bi– I aint never seen some cry like that lol. He can Row a boat off dem tears..

  10. Someone please call 911. Looooool

  11. I think all of this was wrong but what if we all of the organization had a open book policy which they post on their website monthly, and people will be hesitant to donate…

    • I think that’s the biggest problem right on the head people have no clue what a charity is required to do. Very few people know the ins and outs of running a charity and think I gave ten dollars ten dollars will be put towards xyz they are not thinking of all the fees involved. I am not saying that he is right if he misused the funds. He may have even been able to save some of the funds he could legally use if he was more frugal. Some however thinks it takes big bucks to attract big bucks. Look at the thousand dollar plate dinners that hollywood and gov do all of the time

  12. The IRS only require 10% to go to the cause..So for every dollar ten cent went to the cause….The same with the red cross. Also, not to make be bias…..Should he sent a greyhound to pick the other up…I had a friend sevreal houses up who made a million dollars and was paying $5000 a month for rent, and he told me you just get caught up in the lifestyle…..He doesn’t have that money no more, none of it…

  13. AS if the Red-cross is any better, if people really knew how money are spent in so called non-profit organizations, they would give their money directly to a street corner crack head instead.

  14. Every single dollar can not go to what you collect it for… Sometimes you have to take from Peter to pay Paul… I don’t agree its right but sometimes its necessary… If he used the funds for strictly personal usage, then he needs to dry them tears and make amends… SOMEHOW.

  15. Like most charities, they start off legitimate, and then get carried away. SMH…

  16. Not a shock, just surprised that his Country people’s needs, didn’t come 1st.

  17. judgement to all the fakes.

  18. Wyclef is heartless.

  19. Typical…. Greedy and bad mind!!!!