Tommy Lee Sparta Trademark His Name

Dancehall newcomer Tommy Lee official owns the name Tommy Lee Sparta.

The Montego Bay deejay says his lawyer advised him to trademark the name after a surge in his popularity this year.

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“From day one, mi name so, a Sparta mi come from inna Flankers, so dats how mi get the name,” Tommy Lee told the Star. “Me get legal advice fi sort out mi name officially, yuh zeet. The whole heap a fraud and impersonation was like a wake-up call.”

“You haffi a look pon de future too. When the thing build certain way you waan make sure say a next man can’t come say him own mi name, and then mi can’t sell nothing wid mi name pon it. It also separate me from the Men In Black actor Tommy Lee Jones and the Motley Crew drummer called Tommy Lee, yuh zi mi. So me a set mi thing straight,” Tommy Lee added.

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The name Tommy Lee Sparta recently sparked some controversy for the “Psycho” deejay after dancehall icon Bounty Killer reference to name Sparta to the ancient civilization where homosexuality was rampant.

Tommy Lee, however, stood by the same saying it signifies strength.

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