Rohan Marley Tell-All On Lauryn Hill Breakup “I Wanted To Marry Her”

For the first time Rohan Marley is opening up about his estrange relationship with Lauryn Hill.

Rohan Marley and Lauryn Hill shares five kids together, however, hill had a sixth last year that Marley denied being the father of. Fans of Hill have long speculated that Rohan Marley is the reason behind Lauryn Hill’s strange behaviors in recent years and her long hiatus from making music.

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But now the son of reggae legend Bob Marley is stepping out into the light for the first time about their split. Speaking with UK’s The Voice, Rohan Marley explains some of the things that led to the demise of their relationship.

“As a man, there are certain things I don’t accept,” Marley said. “And it just so happened that I didn’t accept certain things [in the relationship]. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person, or I’m a bad person, it just didn’t work out.”

“[Our relationship] is good as in …in terms of being a mother and father to our children, it’s good,” Rohan Marley added. “It’s not as perfect as one might want it to be. It’s just the way the road went.”

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Rohan Marley also told the publication that he wanted to marry Lauryn Hill but she wasn’t ready to walk down the isle.

Both have since moved on from their rocky past. Rohan Marley is now engaged to Brazilian model Isabelli Fontana and Lauryn Hill may have had another child for another man, but that is still up in the air.

Unlike his brothers who mostly focus on music, Rohan Marley is a successful businessman with ventures in coffee (Marley Coffee), energy drink, and more.

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