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Buju Banton Could Be Abent From Sentencing Hearing

Embattled reggae star Buju Banton could see his 10-year prison sentence increase to 15 after loosing an appeal earlier this year.

Given the seriousness of his upcoming sentencing hearing, Buju Banton has requested that he be absent from the hearing.

“He has asked not to be transported from prison to the court for the sentencing,” Ihmotep Alkebu-lan, who is a member of Buju’s legal team, told the Observer.

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Banton is now awaiting the judges ruling to find out if his request will be granted.

Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, lost his appeal to have his decade long sentence overturn. A judge in a Georgia Court of Appeal threw out the appeal and also reinstates the firearm charge.

Federal Judge James Moody found Banton guilty on three counts of drug trafficking charges and sentenced him to 10 years. Moody, however, dropped the gun charge arguing that the singer had never met with his then co-defendant James Mack. Mack plead guilty to his charges.

Buju Banton is currently serving his sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Miami.

His sentencing hearing is set for October 30.


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