RDX ON TOUR: EUROPE Summer 2012 Part II “Pride, Honor and Music”

Festivals in Europe are usually staged far from major cities as patrons usually take these events as an opportunity to – in the words of RDX – “dance, free up and enjoy themselves”. On arrival at the packed venue and then being ushered to the backstage room they shared with their backing band Dub Akom (France), RDX discovered they would be closing the Reggae stage at the Sudoeste Festival, performing after Reggae icon Beres Hammond! This news evoked a mixed emotion of honor & suprise but was embraced by the duo as warm as the embrace they received from the great man himself.

RDX rolled out the hits which were fed to the hungry audience on a platter of live music. The fact of not having one second of rehearsal was barely noticeable as the ‘Swagger Masters’ unleashed, the band rocked and the people savored. It was beautiful! The next stop was Paris, the city of romance. And at the venue the predominantly French West Indies gathering was made up of 95% women and 5% men, the ladies really love RDX. The cue to gain entrance to the 1,200 capacity club stretched for meters, dotted with patrons from as far as Croatia & Finland.

The performance that ensued can only be described as incredible! Proudly decked in Jamaican sweat tops as a double tribute to Jamaica’s 50 years of independence & the gold winning Olympic team, RDX had the over capacity club ‘jumping’ to every note. And after stopping at the hotel to get out of their lipstick stained fatigue and grab their suitcases, it was off to the Charles de Gualle airport for a flight to Warsaw, Poland, the Ostrada Reggae Festival beckoned.