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Zimbabwe President Mugabe: “Jamaicans Are Drunks, Weed Heads” Reggae Artists Reacts

One of Africa’s most notorious leaders, President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, just made the most controversial statement of the year about Jamaicans.

While speaking at the country’s Research and Intellectual Expo 2012, Mugabe made the damning statements, labeling Jamaican men as “drunks and weed smokers, who are ruled by women.”

This is what the President who oppressed his own people for decades has to say:

“In Jamaica, they have freedom to smoke mbanje, varume vanogara vakadhakwa (men are always drunk) and universities are full of women. The men want to sing and do not go to colleges vamwe vanobva vamonwa musoro (some are dreadlocked). Let us not go there.”

President Mugabe is also insinuating that Jamaican culture is heavily influencing the people of Zimbabwe. Without doubts Zimbabweans have a strong liking for reggae/dancehall culture, but such an ignorant statement from a head of state will dissuade Jamaican entertainers from performing in the African country.

Several reggae artists have since take time out to weigh in on Mugabe’s controversial statement, including Sizzla Kalonji, who performed at a concert in 2010 in honor of his birthday, Tony Rebel, Cocoa Tea and more.

This is what Sizzla said:

“Black people are beautiful and courageous, strong, educated and we should keep our heads up and keep sailing high and be determined towards our goals as Zimbabweans and Jamaicans. I personally took no offence to the statement. Marijuana is a holy sacrament being used in the nyahbinghi churcical chanting and singing is a part of our culture from ancient of days, it’s even in the bible where Psalms of David said we should sing and give praise unto the most high.”

“We love the president and he should assist us as black people to overcome the phangs of hell daunted unto us by the slave masters. He should also take the time and look into our educational system and living conditions, and see how best he can help us towards the redemption and repatriation of our people to Africa.”

This is what Tony Rebel said:

“President Mugabe is a man who I have revolutionary respect for but I say ‘you are wrong Mr. President’ because I am a Jamaican, and I don’t smoke and drink for years and I know of many other Jamaicans who don’t smoke. That statement is not a true reflection of us as a people because not everybody wants to sing and a lot of our sons are in colleges and the president needs to do his research.”

“That statement was meant to be an insult but it’s actually a compliment because it is because the Jamaican culture is so influential why he found it necessary to include Jamaica in such a distinguished lecture. I wish him the best of health and hope he is not getting senile because he is over 80 years old and he needs to find a successor.”

This is what Cocoa Tea said:

“That statement is not a true reflection of us as people. Jamaicans are way better than that and we are leaders but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Sizzla is an educated artiste who has his degree for example. I don’t really know how he came up with that conclusion.”

Whats your thoughts of President Mugabe’s controversial statement?

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  1. the one without sin shall cast the first stone

  2. Breddrens of Jamaica I n I give my best of apologise,mi nah dreadlocked but a mi a rasta in mind in heart and in soul,I believe Jah di most high nah man by him looks nor appricilove him by him actions.Ras Bob Marley say One love One Jah One Destiny,I n I is from Zimbabwe noff Respect Peace and Love Breddrens from Jamaica

  3. Kuzywa Chif Marange

    Sowi Jamaicans , di president was mis-quoted…we are bredas.. nwae di president apologised.

  4. Ashwet (Phiri)Madxziva

    Dnt confuse,MUGABE was neva ina light y keep Mengistu.fya burn satanists hobialists

  5. Wtf!!

  6. a real frent tellz yu wen yu do something wrong.

    • dis z an ishu of opinions! Bare noise weh nuh amount to nothing…a renowned historian ina mi country malawi 1nce said jamaicanz ful of talk bt long left hardwork in slave days! No wonder em do nt much and are poor suh! ..u c? Opinions are o ova only to b proven otherwise or left like suh! There’s no ishu here gwan a sleep! Any1 cn say anythin….bt personaly mi haf nof respek fi jamaican people..JAHOVA BLESS UNO LAND AND PIPO! Zeen!

    • Jamaicans, do not stop sing about Jamaica and do not stop making regular tours to Zimbabwe coz its people love the statements you make about peace and feedom, this old man is just afraid that his people can now are the light

    • Now I don’t expect better from him because this man is a clost friend with Mengestu and him evil regeem in Ethiopia agains king sela$$ie I, so I think him have him reason to say these things about jamaican man and most of all rasta.

      , him need to do some research about us…

      • Apologies to the government,our president is old now,ONE LOVE

      • On behalf of my fellow Zimboz, let me take this oppotunity to send my sincere apologies to all Jamaicans.Blessings n Mo Love.

      • He has nothing better to offer for us his people now he just talking rubbish, Jamaicans are our people too.He fear the relationship of zimbabweans and jamaicans will bring a lot of strength that will destroy his tyrant government…….

      • Wah kinda statement dat Sizzla mek? Mugabe is like Saka Zullu, a sell out him black breddas.


      • Cordella Godismyprovider

        Jamaica… my homeland. Can’t keep us down.


        • As a Zimbabwean i feel ashamed that such stereotyping should come out of the mouth of a head of state!apoligies to all jamaicans

          • Sizzla lik him bomboclaat head wha di f**k kinda response dat.

          • Me as Zim tha president is getting old nd he spoke out of terms he shld face tha facts Weed is a holy sacrament he was wrong 2 judge otha pples he don knw my apologies 2 all Jamaicans we love reggea music it kept us strong thru out of tha years of suffering he is wrong 2 say this

            • i cant believe wht came out of his mouth.. i love jamaica! my husband is full blown jamaican and he doesnt smoke nor drink.. im not jamaican but i feel the pain because tht sh-t is not cool at all stereotyping which is not cool!!! i love the vibe around yall.. smh cant believe tht old man..

              • jamaicans we love you we are from one womb..BLACK WOMAN AND CHILD..even bunny wailer said it beautifullt in his song boderation..you are family and we are proud of the achievements and inspiring leaders from bugle to HON.Marcus moziah Gurvey..so don let the comment of one person get to you..if we remve him ther is 999,000,000 who did’nt that..we drink eat sleep and fall sick reggae style..reggae is life..but sometimes mybe its the things likes of vybz, tommy lee and other vanity polluted y’uts that are giving this picture..because how can a man who invited bob marley to thier independence day and sizzla say something like that..we love jam’dwn..selah!