Tun Up Fridays Promoters Give Patrons A Reprieve For September

KINGSTON, JAMAICA : SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 :: As summer comes to a close; school and work becomes the renewed priority of many partygoers. Based on these factors the social scene generally experiences a huge decline in attendance, mainly due to the reallocation of funds to meet those needs.

Considering this trend, Darkcide International and Real Madd Entertainment the promoters of TUN UP FRIDAYS have taken the initiative to grant patrons a reprieve for the month of September.

Shadow, one of the promoters explained, “We understand the harsh economic climate coupled with the rigors of back to school and work. But nonetheless people still want an outlet where they can unwind and escape their problem temporarily. So based on this, the decision was taken to roll-back the mandatory admittance fee of J$300 allowing everyone free admission for the month of September. Now that money can be used to purchase a drink at the bar.”

Since the inaugural staging less than two month ago, the weekly event held at the Next Level Sport Bar, RT Plaza in Bayside, Portmore has become one of the premium gatherings on the social roster of the municipal and according to the promoters they want it to remain that way.

“We want our patrons to know that we are appreciative of the support but also understand their plight, so we are of the belief that this is a good gesture to exemplify that.” – Shadow added.

However, he quickly pointed out that in spite of the new changes there would be an increased security detailing to ensure the utmost safety of everyone.

“Despite it being free, we want our patrons to feel comfortable and secured as they enjoy themselves, hence the increased security presence.”

The event gets on the way every Friday at 10pm and features musical selections from Sunjock Calico (Suncity 104.9FM / Darkcide International) Sunjock Mario, JJ Wizzle, Bumpy Cash and weekly guest djs.