Vybz Kartel And Tommy Lee Take Shots At Popcaan In “Betray Di Gaza Boss” [Audio]

Their could be a new Vybz Kartel and Popcaan beef in the making after a new track surfaced online on the weekend titled “Betray Di Gaza Boss.”

While there were obviously some tension between Popcaan and his former mentor, that tension is swiftly turning into a bitter feud between the former friends. Fast rising Mobay deejay Tommy Lee has also sided with the Gaza Boss in the feud. Lee and Kartel teamed up on the new single aimed squarely at Popcaan.

Vybz Kartel Says Tommy Lee And Popcaan Are “Opportunist”

“Yow world boss, yo no si words come to pass, don’t seh yo love mi, man mi no love, stop call up mi name just fi get a forward,” Tommy Lee deejay in the intro while Vybz Kartel chime in saying, “dem betray the gaza boss, dem get a lickle hype an a try fi diss the boss, but them fi member say I am the champion, I am the champion… stop talk bout gaza, better unnu talk bout plaza, unnu a use mi name fi mek money but unnu no rate mr. palmer.”

The single which was released by So Unique Records, came just a week after Vybz Kartel issued an alleged statement labeling both Tommy Lee and Popcaan as disloyal.

Tommy Lee appearing on this track dispels any speculation of a feud between himself and Vybz Kartel, but Popcaan not so much.

Listen the track below.