Corey Todd And Vybz Kartel Re-Launches Street Vybz Rum [Details]

Three months after they reunite, Corey Todd and Vybz Kartel are back with the once popular Street Vybz Rum.

Todd, who owns numerous entertainment businesses in Jamaica, shelved the rum last year after a bitter fallout with Vybz Kartel. But the two rekindled their friendship earlier this year through their lawyers.

MUSIC: Vybz Kartel – Street Vybz Girl

According to Corey Todd, Vybz Kartel will remain the face of the brand though he is incarcerated. However, other gaza members such as Tommy Lee will hold up the marketing efforts until Kartel returns.

“Nothing needs to be different about Street Vybz rum. The fans of Vybz Kartel loved it just the way it was. It was the rum that changed the rum market in Jamaica for dancehall patrons. We made rum cool and no longer for rum heads. No one can take that accomplishment from us. The only thing is that we will now explore the export opportunities that were passed on because of the split, so Street Vybz will become an international brand shortly,” Todd said.

“The name of the rum is Street ‘Vybz’, so ‘Vybz’ Kartel will always be the face of the product. Other artistes in the Gaza will hold some of the weight until he returns. Tommy Lee is the hottest ‘un-incarcerated’ artiste right now so he’s a very appropriate representative for the product,” Corey Todd added.

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Shortly after he shelved Street Vybz Rum last year, Todd teamed with dancehall veteran Beenie Man to launch Yaad Swag Rum. But that venture was more a miss rather than a hit, given Beenie Man’s popularity in mainstream dancehall music.

“No Yaad Swag. The people say Street Vybz rum,” Corey Todd said.

Fans should start seeing Street Vybz Rum on supermarkets shelves in the coming weeks.

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