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Tommy Lee Responds To Vybz Kartel’s Accusation, “Mi Ago Die Gaza” [Video]

Former Portmore Empire deejay Tommy Lee has stepped forward to address a recent statement from Vybz Kartel accusing him of being disloyal.

According to the “Psycho” deejay, he has always been loyal to the Gaza and to Vybz Kartel.

“Me born gaza, me live gaza, and me ago die gaza,” Tommy Lee said.

Tommy Lee also questioned the authenticity of the statement allegedly sent out by Vybz Kartel through Gaza Slim.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Says Tommy Lee And Popcaan Are “Opportunist”

“Right now mi no too believe them thing you know them way,” Tommy Lee told Anthony Miller of ER. “At the end of the day I don’t feel this one is real, I think its just someone trying to pull off a stunt to try drain me. Because at the end of the day Vybz Kartel good and I don’t see what could have happen or what I could have done to make him pree me them way.”

Both Tommy Lee and Popcaan has been under new management since Vybz Kartel incarceration. However, Tommy Lee says Vybz Kartel is currently getting 20% of his income.

Peep full interview below.


  1. yu cant out shine d master

  2. Mi a nuh wan beefs in a di gaza,both lee,caan n kartel a fresh like wata dem step out dem clean,Gaza mi seh bigger dan an individual,so mi seh peace in a di gaza world

  3. all a dem should cam back 2 gaza and live as a family.
    once again

  4. Popcaan idk mayb I’m get 2 hype.

  5. I think tommy is being honest to wurl boossssss

  6. soon we c gaza hot uuuuhh.

  7. popcan tomy lee thy do die fi di gaza empire.

  8. Tommy right whoever trying to get a beef, hunt in a different place.

  9. free di world boosssss

  10. di world boss dont say sad words tu weee”u born dem all di gaza yutss u a di teacha for shooo “gaza forever mi seh y yo yo*

  11. Kevin Amdavi Adijahiem

    I biliv tommy but popcaan no he shld leave gaza.

  12. tommy lee pree d worl’ boss,d skill yo usin is kartel who taught yo.