Usain Bolt Jogged To Set New Diamond League Meet Record 19.58 [Video]

Fresh off his impressive performance at the 2012 London Olympic Games, Usain Bolt clocked a league record of 19.58 at the Diamond League in Lausanne to score victory.

Sprinting through the turn, Bolt realised he was ahead of the pack and starting jogging the rest of the race. Netherlands Churandy Martina came in second at a time of 19.85 and Jamaican athlete Nickel Ashmeade clocked 19.94 to place third.

“It’s a good run, it’s the end of season so I’m having some fun,” Usain Bolt said.

Despite an impressive run from Bolt, it was Yohan Blake who stole the show with the third fastest time in history of 9.69 to win the 100 meter. Blake proves that he is the second fastest man in the world after leaving his competitors in the dust.

“I have been sick all week, thank God I recovered,” Blake said after the race. “I have more races and I’m going to get better and better.”