Fan Get Punched Out At Nicki Minaj Concert [Video]

Nicki Minaj fans, affectionately called her barbz, are known to be very loyal.

One fan showed a little bit too much loyalty last week at a concert the rapper performed at in Miami.

A video of the incident went viral on Youtube. The video shows a male fan storming the stage before grabbing Nicki Minaj by the waist. A security guard punched out the overzealous fan before he could do anything else.

“I want to say thank you for the love, Florida!” Nicki Minaj said after the incident.

“I hear you almost had to put them liddle puppy paws on somebody 2nite. ://” to which Minaj responded “Lmaooooooooo. Sit down!!!” she later added on Twitter.

Nicki Minaj guards and members of her crew whisk the young fan away quickly.