Nicki Minaj Gave Nas Props On 106 & Park [Video]

New York rap icon Nas stopped by BET’s 106 & Park this week to celebrate the release of his latest album Life Is Good.

Nas opens up about the critically acclaimed project, Lauryn Hill’s tax troubles, and collaborating with Prince and Sade.

One of the biggest surprises of his appearance on the show was when Nicki Minaj and Mary J. Blige called in to congratulate the rapper on his latest album.

MUSIC: Nas – A Queens Story

“To be such a superstar and such an icon, he was so humble,” Nicki Minaj said. “I didn’t really expect that from him. He was the most humble person on the set and it just took my respect for him to another level.”

Mary J. Blige, who appeared on Life Is Good on a track titled “Reach Out,” also shared some kind words for the Queens emcee.

“Thank you so much for being so consistent and loving us so much that you would take care of us the way you have, through your lyrics, through your videos. You are the truth,” said Mary J. Blige.

Nas also performed his new single “Summer On Smash” with Swizz Beatz and Miguel.