Potential Kidd Fires Manager Over Promoter Scamming Incident

Dancehall newcomer Potential Kidd has already got a taste of the bad side of the music industry.

A United States base promoter is accusing the “Yah Suh Nice” deejay of scamming him. Dwayne Grant, a New Jersey promoter, says he paid over US$6000 to book Kidd for a show in New York. However, the artist did not show up for the show.

“The sum agreed upon was US$6,300 for July 13 and 14, respectively, and a deposit of US$3,150 was sent via Western Union to Small (Potential Kidd’s booking agent) on April 27, 2012. After I sent the money, Small introduced me to Angeletta who is Potential Kidd’s manager. two months later, we sent another US$600 to put towards airfare, but five days before the show I was told he did not have a visa for the US,” Grant.

Theresa Small, the booking agent responsible for the transaction, said she gave Potential Kidd’s manager Angeletta McKenzie the payment for the show.

“I received the money but it was handed over to Angeletta McKenzie, Potential Kidd’s manager. As the booking agent, I contacted McKenzie to find out if Potential Kidd was available and she said yes, so during the booking process I did not know that Potential Kidd did not have a US visa. But further down when I reminded her she said that the visa was pending, and assured me that the visa would be ready soon enough because VP Records was sorting that out,” Theresa Small said.

“I spoke to Dwayne Grant in a three-way conversation with Angeletta (the manager) and she confirmed that she had the money and she would return it. Up until now she has not done so,” she added.

Potantial Kidd said he could not do the show since he has no visa. The deejay has also fired his manager who is also his cousin.

“Mi never expect that because a mi family, she tell mi sey mi would go to United States and sey if anybody ask mi I should tell dem that I have my visa already. Because she a mi cousin I had no reason to doubt har,” Kidd said. “I don’t even have a bank account she has all my money from my shows suh right now mi not even have nuh money. Even Reggae Sumfest mi booked for and mi nuh see nuh money. She book shows inna mi name and nuh pay mi.”

“As of July 1, Angeletta McKenzie is not my manager, to conduct business persons should call 565-7101. At this time, I want my former manager to send back di money to di promoter, and I also want my money that I have worked for,” he said.

Potential Kidd says he plans on taking legal action against his former manager. The promoter has also indicated that he will be taking legal action against Potential Kidd and his former manager.


  1. “A DAT NUH NICE”.