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Hip-Hop Legend Ms. Melodie Of Boogie Down Productions Is Dead

Rest in peace Ms. Melodie

Hip-hop legend Ms. Melodie is dead. The hip-hop pioneer was the ex-wife of KRS-ONE and a member of the Boogie Down Productions crew.

Her cause of death is not yet known.

Ms. Melodie, whose real name is Ramona Parker, was a native of Brooklyn, New York. She was an original member of the influential hip-hop group Boogie Down Productions crew. Ms. Melodie’s first album, Diva, was released in 1989 on Jive Records.

One of her most memorable performance was on the BDP classic 1989 single “Self Destruction.”

“I’m Ms. Melodie and aim a born again rebel,” she raps.

Our prayer goes out to Ms. Melodie. R.I.P.