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Jah Cure Calls On Sizzla And Khago To End Beef [Video]

Reggae singer Jah Cure is calling on his longtime friend Sizzla to end his ongoing beef with newcomer Khago.

In a recent interview Cure says Sizzla should be the bigger man and end the beef, however, the reggae/dancehall veteran has no plans to cool the fire he is blazing for Khago.

“I just want him to come back to the days because he is the king, and remember the reggae and the world awaits,” Jah Cure said.

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“I just want him to come back in the zone. I don’t want you to see them and a try clash with them, because your bigger than that, you’re a father, you name dada. Just teach the children, don’t try to kill our brother,” Jah Cure added.

The Sizzla and Khago beef has been growing intense in recent weeks, to the point of death threats. Khago recently hired a personal body guard and has taken steps to start wearing bulletproof vest.

Peep footage from the interview below courtesy of madaroad.


  1. collie bwoy zimbabwe

    nuh fait wid a likkle yute sizzla, cyaan yuh see khago a pickney

  2. sizzla PLZ stop this foolishness make peace And move on u far better thn tht the youth look for u 2 guide n teach dem ……………u di greatest artist since bobmarley .so agn plz stop ur foolishness n continue to spread JAH’S word loud n clear …….JAH will sort out khango for wronging u ………ur fans depend on u ……….mwahz luv u lots

  3. Noel Jephius Teacha

    Ahoooy RASTA one love stop fighting.

  4. unite people difficulties coming.demons and devil wants to take over.

  5. wake jamaican people save y music save the.god is crying for this country.rasta man unite and sing song to help the youth.the youth is facing some difficulties time now. there is a problem facing the world like in slavery. make song the function of each organ.

  6. god and mother nature bless sizzla. rastaman hve to help save ja reggae music. rasta man have to teach youth to respect mother nature. because people want to tell jamacn people to unite batty man that disrespect mother nature organ the anus that made for faeces and waste matter. rasta have to help the the you and teach the youth the function of human body rasta have to unite FOR BATTYMAN A UNITE ALL OVER THE EARTH> WAKE YOU HAVE TO MADE SONG THE FUNCTION OF THE GOD BODY AND WHAT >YOU HAVE A RIGHT, yOU HAVE TO SING THE FUNCTION OF THE HUMAN BODY>.

  7. Speech Freedom

    I agree with Jah cure Sizzla is a veteran ….Two wrongs don’t make a right ?..

  8. very true