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Jay-Z Interrupts Kanye West At The BET Awards, Hilarious [Video]

In some friendly rivalry, Jay-Z and Kanye West beat out Beyonce for the coveted trophy of video of the year at the BET Awards 2012.

“It’s gon’ be an argument at the crib trying to see who’s the hottest in the household, baby,” Jamie Foxx joked while announcing the winner.

But perhaps the highlight of that segment was when Jay-Z jokingly interrupted Kanye West’s acceptance speech.

“I want to thank BET for…” Kanye said before Jay-Z chime in saying: “Excuse me Kanye, I’ma let you continue, but…” referring to the infamous Kanye and Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

The entire audience burst into laughter, even Kanye himself.

Watch video below.


  1. Was the funniest part of the award.