Lady Saw To Female Dancehall Artists, “I don’t want any female chat to mi”

Female dancehall icon Lady Saw is putting all other female dancehall artists on notice that she has no time for drama.

Earlier this year a short lived feud ignited between Saw and Tifa, after rumors surfaced that Tifa was sleeping with Lady Saw’s boyfriend John John.

During an interview with Anthony Miller on ER, Saw address the allegations, where she stated that no other female in the dancehall industry can fill her shoe. Other females in the industry found the comments offensive, however, Lady Saw says she could care less.

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Speaking with the Star, Saw said she does not have a personal relationship with other females in the industry because females carry too many drama.

This is what she has to say:

“I didn’t ask people to name me Queen or the Mumma but I doan fraid a nuh gal. As of now, I don’t want any female chat to mi. I just hate this drama, I just want them to come offa mi name. To be on the safe side I don’t want any friendship. I will cheer for you and buss mi blank dem but just stay away from mi. I’m going to love you guys from a distance. I said nobody can fill my shoes. I’m not saying that nobody cannot strive for their own and achieve the most that they can.”

“Yuh doan have anything to tell a next female other than under her clothes. That is so degrading and I would never do that no matter how much money it is up for. If a that dem (female artistes) a look for, it will never happen. All my career, have you ever seen me in the mix-up?”

“They are killing themselves and in the process trying to bring me down with them. They want me to take them on and then them can seh Mumma Saw a mash down the little artiste and show me up in a bad light. That is what they are working on but that will never happen. The thing with Tanya Stephens, I walked away from that and since me start recording again as Lady Saw, everybody have a problem. If yuh want the business tek it, tek the whole of it.”

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