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Lisa Hyper Blast Gaza Slim And Popcaan, “Dem No Do Nutten Fi Gaza”

Just days after Popcaan and Gaza Slim release statements addressing the affairs of the Gaza camp, another former Portmore Empire artist, Lisa Hyper, is speaking out against the two.

Hyper was booted from the camp by Vybz Kartel in 2009 following a leaked explicit photo of her and Kartel. According to Hyper says she is the original queen for the Gaza and that Gaza Slim is just following in her footstep.

STATEMENT: Gaza Slim Says Popcaan Is A Liar

“Gaza slim must remember that she is a cool reminder of Lisa Hyper,” Lisa Hyper said. “I am the original queen for the Gaza and not even Vybz Kartel can dispute that.”

Hyper accuses Gaza Slim of not doing anything for the Gaza camp before Vybz Kartel dissolved the group last month.

“At the end of the day she never did anything for the Gaza,” Hyper says. “Gaza Slim don’t know how Gaza look. She need to stop chat and mind she get something else with it.”

Lisa Hyper never spared Popcaan in her rant.

DETAILS: Popcaan Breaks Silence On Why He Has Not Visit Vybz Kartel

“Me still ago burn out Popcaan to, because I visited Addi mother the other day and she told me she don’t know how Popi look. But at the end of the day don’t diss Popcaan girl because you will get hit in your face… little girl go back up in the hills.”

Listen to what else Lisa Hyper has to say below.


  1. poppi is a boss he was too young to visit the boss all of you is fake friends.

  2. All the MP want is to see gaza fire dem self down.World boss Big up

  3. popcaan a big wolf informer, nuh go visit the world boss(vybz) ina di jail……buss di blanks pon I’m!

  4. popcaan a real batty man bcuz I’m nor no go visit the world bossssssssss.

  5. A weh dis dry up ra$$ come from a talk bout gaza lol! She har self nuh kno notn bout it..Low out Slim, Popcaan a big bbc sell out! 1

  6. A weh dis dry up ra$$ come from a talk bout gaza lol! She har self nuh kno notn bout it..Low out Slim, Popcaan a big bbc sell out! 1

  7. ugh she mek mi sick ah look pan her face… -______- ugly to ra$$..

  8. Norman ( aka) Gaza King

    Gaza King from St.Croix stay strong for Vybz Gaza camp and stop fighting down each other cause that’s what the MP want . You all are not doing the million of Gaza fans justice by fighting down each other. Remember you are role models so, act like role models.


  10. shut up b–ch do sumn

  11. the girl ya very ugly.

  12. bout real queen of gaza she madddd! the real queen gaza is spice!

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