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Rihanna Enjoying The Drama Between Chris Brown And Drake [DETAILS]

Rihanna is standing perfectly calm and content on the sideline while Chris Brown and Drake fight over her.

While there are still many questions and not many answers in the aftermath of a bloody brawl between Chris Brown and Drake’s entourage earlier this week, sources claim it is none of Rihanna’s concern.

PHOTO: Chris Brown, Drake & Meek Mill Fight Scene

According to Us Weekly magazine, sources say Rihanna loves the drama between her men.

“Men fighting over her? Are you kidding? Of course. [She] loves the drama,” the source told the magazine.

The source also revealed Rihanna’s initial reaction and that she is happy she wasn’t there.

“Rihanna got text messages from everybody telling her what happened right after it went down,” the source revealed. “She just laughed. She’s spoken to both of them and just thinks it’s crazy. She’s glad she wasn’t there though!”

Despite all the drama and tension that exist around the parties currently, the source says Rihanna wants to remain friends with both Breezy and Drizzy.

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“She wants to be friends with both of them,” said the source.

Rihanna was spotted out in New York City with her best friend Melissa Forde last night getting dinner at one of her favourite restaurants.

Do you think she loves the drama?

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  1. Tristain J Palmer

    The world is really coming to and end omg everyone should stop fighting and killing and worshiping the devil all of them r trying to just get attetion and stop and just god is good all the time.

  2. Really don’t think Drake would fight over her. Just my opinion.

  3. Well if Rihanna is like I know she is she just wants to be loved. It might all be confusing to her honestly. All she can do is make better music from her life. She had nothing to do with the actions of others so why would she be happy a man that she once and maybe still loves is hurt?

  4. Of course she loves the drama.. and I just do not get it.. I think we should boycott all of them.. afterall.. it is the fans who decide to buy or not buy. I’ve decided.. to boycott and I may not ever purchase any of their products again.

  5. MarlennyLinda De La Cruz

    She probably just thinks its funny and childish, but two guys fighting over her, I’d love it lol, either way I love Rhi rhi?.

  6. Yes she is a drama queen they don’t need to be fighting over that piece of garbage she doesn’t respect them and she obviously doesn’t respect herself or else she wouldn’t be sharing her goods with any and everybody sh e should be ashamed of herself and to act if she has nothing to do with the situation is just sad she’s is a bum a** female she doesn’t deserve either one of them

  7. Of course she likes it. What woman who doesn’t dig for attention wouldn’t mind two men fighting over her? As ridiculous as it is for a “man with a GIRLFRIEND” to be fighting over an ex is, the ex is going to get a kick out of it. When will they learn? Stop making a fool out of yourself trying to impress someone you have no business trying to. SMH.

  8. stupid people do stupid things