Ragashanti Revamping Tambareen Radio

Jamaican radio talk show host Dr. Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart has announced that he is suspending his popular online base Tambareen radio.

According to a release sent to Urban Islandz, Raga says he will be shutting down the station, as well as, the broadcast website, effective Thursday June 14. The popular Facebook fan page where several Jamaicans locally and in the Diaspora socialize, will also be shutting down.

“I regret to inform you all that Mix Up Yaad ( and Tambareen Radio will suspend publishing and broadcasting Thursday, June 14, 2012,” Ragashanti said in the statement. “This is in order to initiate a total reconceptualization and revamping of both the site and the station. There is not yet a date on which the web site and the station will restart. I sincerely thank you for your support over the time you were affiliated with us. I also regret any inconvenience this necessary move may cause.”

According to the radio host, fans can look for a different Tambareen radio in the future.

“Look out for a different and improved Mix Up Yaad and Tambareen Radio in the future!,” he said.

Ragashanti also announced that he will continue doing “Ragashanti in di Mawning” on Link Up Radio in New York.

“I’ll still be doing “Ragashanti in di Mawning” on Link Up Radio, New York, WVIP 93.5 in the mornings from 5 to 10 a.m. US Eastern time. Livestream at, Blackberry listening at, or listen on your phone by dialing (832) 225 5349.”

Ragashanti launched Tambareen Radio and last summer after his radio talk show was axed from Nationwide Radio. The Jamaican broadcast commission moved in on the show, citing several violation of the broadcast act.

Since its launch, Tambareen radio has garnered a strong following due to its raw and uncensored nature. It will surely be missed.

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