Natural Black To Sasco: “Mine Yuh Own A Business” [Audio]

Natural Black has hit back hard at Agent Sasco, better known as Assassin, in a new diss track titled “Mine Yuh Own A Business.”

The new single is in response to a recent song by Assassin titled “Bun Freaky Act.”

“You haffi firm inna the Gideon, don’t trim your locks, Yea we know say everybody a pree the cash, but u nuh haffi sell out if you want reach the top,” Assassin deejay.

Natural Black countered saying: “Agent Sasco a informer, the said one you fraida Mr Palmer, Mortima Hardly a bigger drama, Yow a death before dishonour,” Natural Black deejay.

In a recent interview with the Star, Natural Black says: “Assassin need fi mine him own business.”

“From mi trim mi locks, dem interested inna me. Mi nuh know how my name reach inna him mouth. Mi just want a man know say dem need fi avoid my name. Dem caan swing pon my name like a iron gate,” Natural Black added.

Listen Natural Black “Mine Yuh Own A Business” below.

Listen to Assassin “Bun Freaky Act” below.

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