Flippa Mafia Change Name To Flippa Moggela

Flippa Mafia is no more. The dancehall star is now know as Flippa Moggela.

Flippa Mafia release a statement confirming the change of moniker. According to the “Flossing” deejay, he got the name while attending high school, but now is ready for a change.

Flippa said he doesn’t feel the name change withh affect his career.

“I don’t think that the change will make a big difference with my fan base because I have always been saying ‘moggela’ from I did the song Dem Ya,” Flippa said. “Moggela more fits with the image.”

“Well the girls them like the name and so far people have been receptive to the change,” Flippa added.

Flippa is getting ready to release new material from his Flip Money Records imprint, as well as, projects from the Flip Money Squad stable of acts.