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Sheba, Lisa Hyper Weighs In On Portmore Empire Disband

Vybz Kartel sent shockwave through dancehall circles this week when he announced that he has disbanded his prized Portmore Empire.

Both current and former members of the Portmore Empire are still in disbelief about the move.

Sheba told the Star that she was not aware of Vybz Kartel announcement, “I was not personally informed about this. Mi just wake up and see a broadcast message about it and a wonder if a true, but since THE STAR a call me, it look like a true, den,” Sheba said.

“Him nuh send no message wid him lawyer fi say nutten bout it, but a still music, me say. I want to thank him for a great run – it’s been three years. To be honest, this news kinda shock me – is a sudden surprise. it’s not something that was discussed with me,” Sheba added.

Former gaza member Lisa Hyper said the current artists should have been trying on their own from the time of Vybz Kartel arrest last year.

“I was there from the beginning, and I got the chance to learn a lot of things while in the Portmore Empire that could help me out with my career today. From they remanded him, some of the others should have been trying to work on their craft so even if he doesn’t come back very soon, they can still manage on their own. “Empire taught me to fight fi what yuh believe in and him is a man weh him like fi see yuh a do things. So as a female, yuh haffi think like a man but act like a woman,” Hyper said.

Tommy Lee and Gaza Slim are already moving to form their own label, PG13.

Prominent gaza member Popcaan is still silent on the issue.


  1. gully ova gaza nuh doubt bout dat..

  2. not cool! no more portimore bad ting.

  3. mi monder where di gaza fans a go turn to now dat gaza a done, alliance all di way…

  4. Justin Starbwoy Assassinator Phiri

    vybz kater yo.

  5. wow the teacha is always at de top GAZA 4 LYFE.

  6. “Prominent gaza member Popcaan is still silent on the issue.” Deh yute yah a mus dummy! All now him nuh have nuttn fi seh bout di ‘Worl Boss’ issues… lol