Pusha T Diss Drake In “Exodus 23:1”, Lil Wayne Fired Back

Rapper Pusha T ignited a beef with Lil Wayne and his Young Money crew yesterday when he release a new track titled “Exodus 23:1”

In the song that features a verse from The-Dream, Pusha T is believed to be taking shots at Drake and other members of Young Money.

On Exodus 23:1 Pusha T raps:

“Contract all fed up / I guess that means you all fed up / You signed to one n—-, that’s signed to another n—-, that’s signed to three n—-s… Now that’s bad luck / Damn that sh-t even the odds now / You better off selling this hard now / You call it living out your dreams / You can’t fly without your wings.”

After hearing the track Lil Wayne quickly responded on Twitter: “F–k pusha t and anybody that love em,” Lil Wayne tweeted.

During an interview with MTV News, Pusha T explains how he got The-Dream on the track.

“It really started with this beat [from] Rico. We were like, ‘Yo, Dream would just sound amazing on the record, period.’ So we sent it out and it came back so quick. Dream was like, ‘Man this is one of the ones,'” Pusha said.

“Personally, I never thought the record was going to come back that quickly. I was in New Orleans somewhere and Rico was like, ‘Aye! Dream did it — he on the phone!’ I thought, ‘OK, wait a minute this might really be something,'” he added.