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Beenie Man: “I Never Apologize To Gays”

Beenie Man is facing heavy criticism from fellow dancehall artists and fans alike. The dancehall legend has, however, denied apologizing to the gay community.

In a statement release to the media, Beenie Man said he was simply asking the gay community to leave us (dancehall artists) alone.

“I never apologized,” Beenie Man said in the release. “Jamaican people need to be more literate about life. Five years ago, we stop sing certain songs, and start focus more on dancehall to make it what it is today. I said that they (the gays) should leave us alone, don’t have us up for what we said when we were young. That happened 20 years ago, nobody is the same person they were 20 years ago.”

VIDEO: Beenie Man: “I Respect Gays And Lesbians”

“I told them to leave us alone, to try to understand where we are coming from, but still yu have some selectors weh go pon the mic and talk a bagga tings. So when the gays put on dance and want to spend $150,000, you selector bwoy, don’t tek dem money, run dem outta the dance. Dem caan use dem little bird brain pon me, man ah lion,” Beenie Man reason.

Beenie Man also respond to longtime rival Bounty Killer over some damning remarks on Twitter.

“Bounty Killer need fi tweet say ah eight people lef inna the venue outta 8,000 fi see him perform after him ah insist say him waan close the show over Amsterdam Reggae Festival, ah dat him fi tweet. After mi perform, the show done and everybody lef’ …nobody never waan see him,” Beenie Man said.

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  1. Beenie man ah d badest thing inna dance hall no bwoy na bad like that me sey.

  2. Beenie you are coming back to your senses.