Tifa Collaborates With Swedish Band The Teddy Bears

Dancehall artiste Tifa recently collaborated with Swedish band Teddybears on a track called Definitely.

The track was produced by the Teddybears and recorded at the famed Big Yard studios in Kingston.

Tifa is quite pleased with the outcome of the track and pointed out that this is just one of a number of high profile collaborations that she has done in recent times.

“In the past couple of months I have worked with DJ Toddla T from the UK and Dre Skull. I have a few more collaborations coming up with international artistes, so look out for that”, Tifa hinted.

The Teddybears began as a five member outfit in 1991. The group is known for mixing pop, rock, hip hip, electronic, reggae and punk among other genres.

The band members started to wear large bear masks in album art and promotional photographs sometime after 2006, before that they appeared in concert and on photos without disguises.

They released their debut album You Are Teddybears in 1993 and their second album, titled I Can’t Believe It’s Teddybears STHLM followed in 1996. Their third album Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool came out in 2000 and consisted of electronic elements, which were a departure from the band’s previous hardcore sound. A fourth album, Fresh, was released in 2005 and included the singles Cobrastyle with Jamaican dancehall artiste Mad Cobra and Hey Boy.

Cobrastyle is featured on the soundtrack of the FIFA 06 and Forza Motorsport 2 video games. It was also used in the ending credits of the film Employee of the Month and WWE’s Summerslam 2006 as the official theme song for the event. It was featured prominently in the pilot episode of NBC’s 2007 comedy show Chuck as well. It peaked at number ten on the Swedish Singles chart.

The group is signed to Atlantic Records. Their most recent album Devil’s Music was released in 2010.