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Khago Responds To Assassin, Defends “Three Sum” Single

Dancehall star Khago has stepped forward to address controversies surrounding his new single “Three Sum.”

Khago, who release the single last month, is under fire from other dancehall artistes, including Assassin.

Assassin has since release a new single “Bun Freaky Act,” allegedly taking shots at the “Nah Sell Out” deejay.

According to Khago, he has never proclaim himself to be a Rastafarian.

“Mi already seh di gal dem tun up di ting so it cyan mean one gal,” Khago said. “Mi coulda come like nuff man and se mi want three gun. Some man who yo hear a talk bout how Khago fi seh dat, dem a seh worse a dan dat. Look how much other things Rastaman seh, mi ever tell a man seh mi a Rasta yet. Mi sing wa mi feel sing seh.”

Dancehall star Assassin has been garnering much attention with his single “Bun Freaky Act,” where he is believed to be taking shots at Khago.

“Right now the thing a run slack, The armzhouse fi stop, Why rass a beg three some, Mi bun freaky rass, Yo cyan tell mi yo conquering Lion, Yo a dog from yo waan eat di cat,” Assassin deejay.

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