Bob Marley’s Heirs Threatens To Sue An Israeli

Bob Marley’s heirs have reportedly served Aryeh Eldad, an Isreali physician and politician, with a warning letter over the unauthorised use of the song Iron Lion Zion.

Earlier this week reports surfaced on Isreali site, claiming that members of the Marley team said Eldad uses the song’s lyrics were used for propaganda purposes.

“If you support two states for two peoples, where one of them is Jordan, if you are against the Arab occupation, say ‘Amen’. Just one hope on the right (wing), Yes,” were the phrases that Eldad allegedly use with the song to promote his political outlook.

Eldad, 62, is the head of the plastic surgery and burns department at the Hadassah Medical centre in Jerusalem as well as the leader of Hatikva, one of the three parties that make up the National Union faction in Israel.

In the letter sent by Universal Music Production’s Group, the owners of the rights to the song, Eldad’s parliamentary aides were instructed to removed the video from the Internet.

“Marley’s heirs are deeply hurt by the stated rights violation and the extreme, overt and insulting political use of the late Mr Marley’s creation and legacy, which, putting it mildly, humiliates him and his efforts,” said Amit Karmon, a lawyer who works with the Media Man group.

Eldad, however, rejected the claim, saying he “does not feel threatened.” According to Eldad, the legal action is petty in light of today’s Internet reality.