DRAMA: Chris Brown Fire Shots At Rihanna, RiRi Unfollowed Him On Twitter [Audio]

It’s about to get “Way Too Cold” this summer.

Chris Brown is showing some versatility after dropping two new freestyles off Kanye West G.O.O.D. Music singles “Way Too Cold (Theraflu)” and “Mercy.”

Shortly after dropping the tracks, the R&B crooner came under scrutiny from Rihanna Navy fans, who accused him of taking shots at his ex-girlfriend.

“Don’t f*ck with my old bi–hes, like a bad fur, every industry n*gga done had her, trick or treat like a pumpkin, just to smash her, B*tch is breaking codes, but I’m the password” Chris Brown raps over Kanye West “Way Too Cold (Theraflu)” beat.

After hearing the tracks, Rihanna unfollowed Breezy Twitter account, tweeting: “Aw, poor dat #neaux1currrrr”

Chris Brown promptly unfollowed her back, tweeting: “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if u took offense to it then its something you feel guilty about.”

Listen Breezy dropping his bars below.


  1. I think he should stop giving that B pub. She knew what type of dude he was and she thought it was cute. And it is untill you are the one on the receiving end that sh-t gets real. When u meet a person and all they do is hate on an it wont be long before they r dogging toi the new person they are trying To impress.

  2. Son of a bi-h literally shame on you n your mumzie. Poor up brInging = men like chris brown

  3. chris brown needa shut da f-k up
    first he wanna b talking sh*t then on
    his twitter he wanna act like a victim
    n writing stop bullying and all this other sh*t
    he needa get da f+k outta here

  4. Chris Brown is not in any position to be dissing Rihanna at all. She could diss him if she wanted too. He need to stay with his puppet TRAN.

  5. DivaWithMasters

    If Rihanna wants to date around so what she is single!! But when I guy does it, it’s normal? Double standard!! Chris Brown mad cuz Rihanna is over him and decided to move on.. Chris needs to grow up.. Why you rapping about RiRi when you got Karreuche? RiRi makes her own money… Can Karreuche? Chris Brown will screw up again, its only a matter of time before he is in jail again…
    Yes island woman do it best ???? but Chris understand this… Your not relevant in her world.. She is the princess of R&B.. ????????????????

    • If he’s not relevant in her world then why’d she notice the tracks he released in the first place?

      • You are trying to make sense out if non sense. Girls dont understand this so i am going to break it down like my brother did for me. Girls say that guys can go out and sleep with who ever and it isnt a problem and when girls do its a problem. Lets say you have a key that can fit in to any lock, its a master key. But if you have a lock that any key can fit into well thats a sh-tty lock. Just keeping it real.

  6. 'Katherine A Sims

    Both of them are STUPID.

  7. That is what ABUSERS DO…ABUSE VERBALL…ABUSE PHYSICALLY! Go back to rehab Chris cuz you still THE SAME!

  8. That is what ABUSERS DO…ABUSE VERBALL…ABUSE PHYSICALLY! Go back to rehab Chris cuz you still THE SAME!

  9. killing bi–hes is not a fucalty to badmans.

  10. stfu, hop off Rihanna tip!

  11. Vata Burrell Hooker

    Awwww who really gives a sh-t about ole RiRi anyway? I still dig some of her music but she really has become an industry tramp & the only reason she took it personal is because she hanging with that element she’s not used to and they got her on that OHHHHH WEEEEE! Mannnn let the Chris & Rihanna saga chapter close cause it’s been a DONE DEAL!

  12. CHris brezzy bby?.

  13. We as a whole need to stop degrading one another.

  14. Da truth hurts. LMAO.

  15. Tell our mOther that we will b at Christine house

  16. He was telling the truth and I believe him. He was not referring to her at all.

  17. What do the shoes look like

  18. What time do y’all want to go get yall shoes today

  19. Why would you want to write him on twitter when he has been doging you and to top that off he has been beating in you in the past so why would you want to deal with that again

  20. Okay he finally put her down for a once and lifetime chance

    • I agree she must have a guilty conscience. If he did her so wrong, why is she still “following” him on Twitter? The dude probably told it just right. If she isn’t ashamed of her sluttishness, she wouldn’t be getting mad about it.

  21. why the hell is she bi–hing about everything he does they are not together anymore so she should move on for crying out loud.

  22. The truth hurts.

  23. Michelle Jorden

    so what if he was talking about her f her he ain’t with that bi–h nomore,,, he must no something bad about her hoe a$$ get over it.