Warrior King Calls Out Natural Black, “I Cannot Support That”

Since cutting off his locks last week, reggae star Natural Black has come under criticism from Rastafarians everywhere.

Fellow reggae star Warrior King is the latest member of the Rastafarian community to lash out at the “Far From Reality” singer.

“This mash up mi head,” Warrior King said. “Me and him used to inna the streets and mi look up to him and admire him. Nuff yutes look out fi Natural Black, and dem a go disappointed that him do this thing.”

“I cannot support what Natural Black has done. To each his own, everyone responsible for their own destiny.”

“Malcolm X said if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. You have to believe in something, you have to stand true to your beliefs and values, and you cannot abandon the great path that you are walking because of a few people.”

Natural Black shocked the reggae community last week after revealing that he cuts his locks off. According to the singer, he made the decision after realising that he has not been living up to his Rastafarian lifestyle.

“I got up and cut off my locks Sunday morning because I looked around at my surroundings and realised that I have not been living a Rastafarian lifestyle. I want to see the changes around me, and as it relates to the upliftment of the people, the direction of the Rasta order and the walk toward perfection. That is not happening. I just see discord and chaos in the rasta community, all of it is very misleading,” Natural Black said.


  1. Bombaclat him a disgrace to Rasta community and yut men who looked pon him.

  2. the man made his choice,,, don;t find a problem in that,,, some people love concern themselves in other peoples business tooo much.

  3. Natural Blacks sell out rasta..

  4. good for him , he is the controller of his destiny, a rate di breddea, be truthful to urself.