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Natural Black Chops Off Locks

Reggae singer Natural Black has backslide from his Rastafarian faith and cut his signature locks.

Black, whose real name is Mortimer Softley, said he made the decision after realising that he has not been living up to his Rastafarian lifestyle.

“I got up and cut off my locks Sunday morning because I looked around at my surroundings and realised that I have not been living a Rastafarian lifestyle. I want to see the changes around me, and as it relates to the upliftment of the people, the direction of the Rasta order and the walk toward perfection. That is not happening. I just see discord and chaos in the rasta community, all of it is very misleading,” Natural Black said.

“They tell you one thing about the upliftment of the people and improvements and things His Majesty speaks of, but in the long run, you realise that is a different thing which is really happening and it is disappointing. Rasta still stands predominant. We can only defile ourselves, Rasta is still the highest, but I am not living up to those high standards, so I can’t be a hypocrite. That is why I take a pair of scissors and cut my locks myself,” Black added.

Black pointed out that he plans on doing more hardcore dancehall music which does not fit with his rasta image.

“I just need a break from it, I feel like I need a change, mi a go tek it to the dancehall right now. Because I buss with Songs with Meaning and Far From Reality, dem brand me as a roots artiste, but mi have the chance and the talent to do dancehall as well. I respect Rasta but mi caan be a rasta and do skettel music, It nah go match, I want to do some hardcore dancehall songs and mi caan do both, that ah go create a conflict within myself,” he said.

Natural Black is currently promoting his new singles “Play With You” and “Father God A Protect My Life.”


  1. de lwove fi money a mek rasta turn bomboklat babylon paper worshipper. de true livity en richness a life is de self awareness en de consciousness dat one gaat en if yuh kyat live according to de rules a dih mwost high yuh doomed fi tyekin a downfall. if yuh think livin by de earthly ways yuh gwaan fyd any fulfilment yuh gwaan be surprised bro, yuh better think twice before dem bloodklat illuminati tek yuh soul.

  2. JUDGE NOT! ne nuh say any ting.

  3. yoo blacks u done know a Gt pleseants u from seen just keep up the good vibes an low some people yad inna hills back catch a height like before.
    Jah liveth Remember what make u.

  4. Dispose of your Gideon boots!

  5. Tarirai Zishiri

    Washata manje! We go find u ina babylon prison anytym frm nw!

  6. Tarirai Zishiri

    Washata manje! We go find u ina babylon prison anytym frm nw!

  7. Be Faithfull in everything you are doing becoz it is in them that your strenth lies NATURAL BLACK I tell you dis<> you are far from reality bobo buoy! RASTA LEADS DE WAY MI SEH! SELASIE I BLESS US ALL!<>.

  8. Marcia Ann-Marie Sinclair

    So weh yuh a seh, dancehall cannot be roots and reality.Rasta need fi tek back the dance hall, and you need fi chech yuh self agaig bredren.Yuh need prayer! Sorry fi seh if mi loose off a yuh.