Blind Shotta Director Calls Out Carib Cinema

Diavallan Fearon, the filmmaker behind the Jamaican movie Blind Shottas, is calling out Carib Cinemas for there refusal to carry the film.

Fearon, along with other members of the cast, including the films star Ryan Walker, led a protest at Carib 5 in St. Andrew last weekend.

The first time director said he approached Carib 5 management about showing the movie last December. But feel he was snubbed because its actors “were not established enough.”

“Then how so many American movies are shown with actors we don’t know,?” Fearon questioned. “This is a Jamaican film which Jamaicans can relate to but it’s being discriminated against without being given a chance.”

The action comedy, Blind Shotta, won two awards at the recent Jamaica film festival, including best actor for the films star Ryan Walker.