Mystikal Going Back To Jail For Probabtion Violation

YMCMB rapper Mystikal is going back behind bars. The New Orleans rapper was ordered to serve three months in jail due to a violation of his five-year probation.

Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Tyler, served six years in prison for sexual battery and extortion. He was released from a Louisiana prison in 2010. According to reports, he will return to jail on May 14.

Earlier this week, Louisiana State District Judge Tony Marabella added the extra time as a result of his arrest in February on a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse battery.

“It was an unfortunate incident between two people who have cared a lot about each other for 10 years,” said Roy Maughan Jr., Mystikal’s attorney.

Mystikal, 41, shares two children with the victim