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Jimmy Cliff Brings Reggae To Coachella [Video]

Reggae icon Jimmy Cliff made his Coachella debut last Friday, delivering a solid set including his classic “Many Rivers To Cross” and “The Harder They Come.” The astonishing crowd response marks a high point for the Rock And Roll Hall of fame inductee, since Coachella audience consists mostly of folks in their twenties, born long after his classic hits of the 70’s.

Speaking with Rolling Stone Mag backstage, Cliff said he was surprise the audience was singing along to a track off his latest LP.

“I left the stage, and they were still singing ‘One More.’ I love it,” Jimmy Cliff said. “One young girl came up to me tonight with about five albums she asked me to sign,” observes Cliff. “She said, ‘My parents were listening to this and they brought me up on this.’ They grew up on the albums. That happens a lot. You see all ages, and I love that.”

Watch footage from his performance below.