Swizz Beatz Responds To Cheating On Alicia Keys Rumors

Producer/rapper Swizz Beatz has stepped forward to address rumors claiming that he is cheating on wife Alicia Keys with his ex-wife Mashonda.

Last week Allhiphop reported that Swizz has reverted back to his cheating ways after just two years of marriage to Alicia Keys. The website claims a source told them that Swizz just can’t help himself, while Mashonda considers it the “ultimate payback” for Alicia dating him while he was still married to her.

The former Ruff Ryders producer has since shot down the rumors calling them false.

“Much respect to @allhiphopcom for taking down them false ass story’s real people do real things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RT,” Swizz wrote on Twitter.

“Much love to all the true fans that keeps all the artist lights on!!!! Blessings 4 Life & thank u I am not to cool to say it:)” he added.

Swizz Beatz split with Mashonda in 2009 and began dating Alicia Keys. The pair got married in 2010 in a lavish ceremony on the island of Corsica.