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Gyptian Denies Sleeping With Bounty Killer’s Girlfriend

Reggae/dancehall star Gyptian has stepped forward to address claims of a beef between himself and dancehall giant Bounty Killer over a female.

Last week rumors surfaced online claiming that Gyptian and the Alliance head was involved in an altercation at a popular nightclub. Sources claimed that the fight was over a ex girlfriend of Bounty Killer that Gyptian is now dating. However, Gyptian denied those claims calling them “false.”

“Dat is rubbish, mi neva see dem man deh a Fiction, a waste a time, mi not even a follow dat up,” Gyptian said. “Mi and Bounty good, Bounty a di general and nothing cyah guh wrong. Mi surprise, mi nuh know what kinda controversy dat and how it come about,” he continued.

“Dem a sey Bounty woman live wid mi, nuh body nuh live wid mi, all dat a rubbish. It is like when yu hear a man sey man can fly and yu know sey dat impossible. A mussi because wi a artiste dem want something fi sey, mi nuh deh wid none a Bounty woman, dem wicked eeh,” Gyptian added.

Bounty Killer’s camp also denied the claims. “Bounty and Gyptian no have notten, a just some people a spread false rumors,” a source inside Killer’s camp told Urban Islandz.

Gyptian is currently recording his upcoming album for a summer release.