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Popcaan Denies Death Threat Rumors: “People Fi Stop Spread Rumors”

Portmore Empire’s Popcaan has stepped forward to address recent claims of him getting death threats from a Trinidad promoter.

Reports surfaced online last weekend claiming that five Trinidadian promoters have issued threats to the artiste regarding money they allegedly paid to someone in Jamaica for booking shows.

Popcaan’s mother reportedly told RJR news reporters that the artiste has in fact received death threats upon arrival for a show in Trinidad on the weekend.

A rep for Popcaan told Urban Islandz that there is no truth to the story and that the media was ill informed.

“Popcaan did not have any issues with any promoters in Trinidad, non that we know of,” the rep said. “We went to Trinidad to do a show which went well without any issues. Popcaan has a large fan base in Trinidad and thousands came out to see him.”

Popcaan also denied the death threats rumors but said there was some misunderstanding with a booking agent that affected a promoters show.

“It was just rumors yo si mi. People hear things and blow it out of proportion lie mi mother Ms Rona, don’t seh dem things de pon news again,” Popcaan said. “Booking agents book show and misunderstanding gwaan like Popcaan know bout the show and get the money and miss it, but I didn’t really miss it and to the promoters of the show I never really dis, but yo done know a just the booking agent fault a never Popcaan fault.”