Potential Kidd Scores Dancehall Hit With “A Yah Suh Nice”

Upcoming dancehall artiste Potential Kidd has scored a major hit with his new viral single “Chicken Gravy (A Yah Suh Nice).”

“A yah suh Bob Marley come from and suh mi must have talent. A Bob Marley set it and sey di youth dem fi get fed suh dem can make money,” the Trench Town deejay said. “Is a dance mi deh, and as mi reach mi start have a meditation because mi wanted a punchline fi guh inna di studio. Suh because the vibe (in the dance) was good, mi sey A Yah Suh Nice and mi si a girl start laugh and from that the slang gone.”

Kidd said the track has been doing very well despite him coming under fire for the explicit lyrics.

“Some people a sey the song slack but mi have a clean version that can be played on radio, other artiste duh slack song and dem bypass it. Dancehall is a ghetto thing, suh more time yu haffi guh hardcore wid it,” he said. “The first sound play it is a sound name Dutty Sound then Stone Love and Swatch International. Then mi carry it from Trench Town to Tivoli and Jungle.”

Chicken Gravy (A Ya Suh Nice) currently has over 100,000 views on