Bridgez Leaves Alliance Next Generation ANG

Bridgez aka Lady Alliance departed the Alliance Next Generation Camp and heads to the Alliance.

In a press release sent to Urban Islandz yesterday, Bridgez said the decision is part of a career move to cement her place in dancehall.

“My team and I made a mutual business decision that I was being branded too much; this is just the beginning of one of the steps I’ll be taking in my career this year. I am still AFL, Alliance First Lady, but I’ve always been more about making an impact than running with titles and Alliance is known for showcasing males more than females. So my team and I are focused on making the name ‘Bridgez’ a household name without having too many different brands following.”

The “Roll Out” singer also assures her fans and Alliance supporters that there are no beef between the Alliance and herself.

Alliance head Bounty Killer also confirmed the move via his Twitter page.

“Effectively as of today now Lady Alliance Bridgez is no longer a part of ANG listen out for further announcement!!,” Bounty Killer tweeted. “The further announcement is that Lady Alliance, aka Bridgez, is still a part of Alliance instead of ANG, reason being she is more of a individual unique artiste to me than the other ANG members who can easily group up and blend in like a medley thing. She needs her own forum or platform to present herself. I think we both decided on that, so no confusion or negatives in the camp AFL/ANG!”

Killer also assured Alliance supporters that there is no beef, but a simple business decision.

“Sorry fi all who did a listen fi hear sup’m bad, hush too baad for ya, just a simple decision people!,” Bounty Killer added on Twitter.