Popcaan “Nuh Box Pon Jaw” Banned

The Jamaica Broadcasting Commission has issued a ban on Popcaan’s hit single “Nuh Box Pon Jaw.”

According to a statement from the watchdog of Jamaican airwaves, the song is unfit for airplay due to it’s lyrical content.

The Broadcasting Commission’s Information and Public Relations Officer, Nicole Morrison explained: “The Commission, in November 2011, determined that the song was transmitted in breach of the Children’s Code for Programming as the song in totality endorses violence as a means of resolving conflict and under the Code attracts a V4 (D) rating. Material attracting a V4 (D) rating should not be transmitted on broadcast radio or television at any time.”

The producer behind the track Andrew ‘Anju Blaxx’ Myrie of UIM Records also confirmed the banned.

“Disc jocks from different stations have told me they can’t play the song because the Broadcasting Commission has come down on them, ’cause they say the song is promoting violence.”


“I don’t think it is. it’s a song about defending yourself and not taking things from people but not promoting violence against anyone. But the Broadcasting Commission knows what’s right for people to hear, so we will have to be more mindful of that and more creative,” Myrie said.

Do you think the track is promoting violence?

Listen the track below.


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