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Laing Issued An Apology To Beenie Man [Video]

Sting promoter, Isiah Laing, has stepped forward to respond to Beenie Man’s request for a public apology.

Last month Beenie Man called out Laing for what he said is a gross disrespect to older artistes.

According to the Doc Laing has no respect for dancehall veterans like himself and Bounty Killer, who helped to build the industry. Beenie accused the veteran promoter of referring to them as old artistes who are not able to do anything for his show. A claim Laing has denied.

During a recent interview with Winford Williams of On Stage, Laing apologize to Beenie Man, but not without accusing him of hiding from a clash with long time rival Bounty Killer.

“I don’t know why they pick on me every year that I say things about them… I said things about him to big him up. All of the interview was not played out, so what he picked up he thought I was dissing him- I wasn’t But if he thinks I m dissing him then I’m sorry Beenie Man. You want me to apologize? Come and do the show for the people. It’s not my show any more this is now and institution for the world,” Laing said.

Peep footage from the interview below.