Chris Martin Visits Belizean Hospital

Chris Martin recently went on a philanthropic mission from Belize where he bonded with his fans and helping out a local hospital in the central American country.

Martin travelled to Belize two weeks ago, where he spend three days winning new fans and pleasing his existing ones.

Martin said his hit single “Cheater’s Prayer” and “Paper Loving” are among the top songs in Belize right now.

“Cheater’s Prayer is the big song in Belize right now, and Paper Loving is big as well,” he said of his songs that the audience clamoured for, “but it’s almost all of my songs Real Friends, Melody To My Song, Driver, Take My Wings. It’s like because they know I was coming they went and learned the words to the songs.”

Martin revealed that the public relations personnel for a hospital there arranged for him to visit the Paediatric Ward and say a few encouraging words to the kids and parents who were there.

“I realised they were all happy to see me, the staff was all excited,” he said. “There was a lot of picture taking and autograph signing.”

The trip was a further boost to the young singer’s career, as his songs have been gaining tremendous momentum across the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and in Africa. Cheater’s Prayer, he says, leads the way for many of his songs that continue to do well overseas. “From a charts perspective, for the islands that don’t have a chart, the deejays from those islands using the various social networks are telling us that the song is the biggest thing in their islands. The song has been number one in St Vincent for like eight weeks now. It is the number-one song in Belize, Guyana, The Bahamas,” he said.

Beyond the Caribbean, the song is also doing well. Martin said it is the number-one reggae song in Kenya, Tanzania, Gambia and Ghana. “Paper Loving is also doing well in South Africa,” he said. In addition, his latest release Top A Top is number one on the reggae charts in the United Kingdom.

Martin said a a video for “Cheater’s Prayer” will be shot.