MC Lyte Praises Nicki Minaj, She Is A “Smart Business Woman” [Video]

Iconic female rapper MC Lyte gave fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj a special shout out while speaking at a Pennsylvania college last week.

Lyte was teaching at Millersville University when the Young Money princess was brought up in the lecture.

The legendary female emcee had high praises for the Young Money rapper, unlike some other females in hip hop.

“She is a smart business woman. Creatively she is a mesh of sweet tea of MC Lyte, of Salt N Pepa, of Eve, of Kim, of Foxy, of everyone that has existed before. And we all have followed the steps of such great female MCs. There’s no way that I can say that I wasn’t influenced by Salt N Pepa.”

Despite what other female rappers claim, MC Lyte said Nicki Minaj pays homage to those who came before before her.

“She gives homage. She’s says she’s been influenced by the female MCs but she’s also been influenced by a certain genre of music that many of us love but never had the guts to put it as a part of our music and that’s pop culture.”

Watch video below.