Lil Wayne Threatens Fans “Get Your F*cking Head Knock Off” [Video]

Two male fans recently dropped by Lil Wayne’s Miami neighborhood in hopes of getting a glimpse of the rapper and a photo.

In a video they recorded of the incident, they decided to drive closer to the house after they spotted a ‘beautiful female’ walking up to the mansion. One of them can be heard saying, “I’ma scream out his name until he f*cking open. That n*gga opening the door, I’ll get arrested but f*ck it.”

Lil Wayne eventually came out and wet straight to business of chasing the fans out. “Yo, do me a favor, get the f-ck out this neighborhood, or get your head knocked the f-ck off, do that… Get the f-ck out this neighborhood homie,” Lil Wayne said.

You would think they would immediately leave. Look what they did in video below.