Gaza Slim Robbed By Vybz Kartel Alleged Murder Victim

Portmore Empire deejay Vanessa Bling, more popularly known as Gaza Slim, was reportedly robbed by Clive Williams, one of the men Vybz Kartel has been accused of murdering.

According to reported, Gaza Slim filed a report with the St. Andrew North police of the alleged incident. She said on October 29, about 8 p.m., as she was walking along Coolshade Drive in Havendale when she was pounced upon by the man claiming to be Williams.

She told the police that the robber, Williams, took her BlackBerry phone and jewellery.

Clive Williams, also known as ‘Lizard’, was allegedly murdered on August 16 in Havendale by Vybz Kartel ans his co-accused, Calvin Haye, Shawn Storm and Kiro Jones. His body has not been found.

He was reportedly killed over the loss of an illegal gun.


  1. clearly they trying to set up the world boss.

  2. Street Douglar Vybz

    doh worry boi d WORL BOSS them cyah stop u even if u behind bars GAZA 4EVER..a CAKE SOAP production.

  3. kartel gets charged with murda even though the babylon neva found clives 2 weeks later the alleged murda victim is now robbin gaza slim? babylon is clearly tryna set up kartel and the empire… free up the worl boss.