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Mr. Vegas Failed To Shine In Zimbabwe, Fans Walked Out [Video]

Zimbabweans are proven to be a tough crowd, almost like what we see in Jamaica, and dancehall star Mr. Vegas got a taste of the treatment last weekend at his show in the African country.

The show, which was initially set for the Glamis arena, was held at the HICC.

Mr Vegas took to the stage two hours late at around 1:30am after the crowd had endured hours of frustration from listening to music being played instead of live performance.

Despite starting out on a high with some of his well known hits such as “Heads High” and “Jack It Up,” Mr. Vegas failed to connect with fans throughout the greater part of his 2-hour set. Fans were beginning to walked out of the venue by the time he reached half way.

“This show should have been dubbed, ‘Smiley featuring Mr Vegas’ because I enjoyed Smiley’s performance as compared to Mr Vegas,” on patron said after the show.

Despite the unexpected reaction from fans, Mr Vegas said he enjoyed his stay in Zimbabwe and would not mind coming again.

“If I could, I would stay here forever since I enjoyed my stay,” he said.

Earlier this year Sean Kingston was booed off stage at a show in Zimbabwe after he failed to impress the masses.

Watch Mr. Vegas perform “Heads High” in Zimbabwe live below.