Vybz Kartel Kids Traumatised, Baby Mother Speaks [Video]

While Vybz Kartel remain incarcerated, his baby mother has stepped forward to talked about the effect the situation is having on his many kids.

During an interview with Jamaican reporters, Shorty said Vybz Kartel kids are traumatised and are constantly asking when their dad is coming home.

“Everytime dem put it on the TV, dem always a question weh dem father de,” Shorty said in Jamaican patois. “Dem have him so long, him need fi come home now to him children dem cuz him children dem worried bout him and him is a loving father.”

Shorty also said things have become over bearing for the children and it is affecting their school work. “We getting someone to come at the house to council them,” she said.

Watch interview below.